Daeng Wood

Daeng | Heavy and hard

This tree is found in South and Southeast Asia; it is known as Daeng in Thailand, Pyinkado in Burma, Căm xe in Vietnam, Sokram in Cambodia and Jamba in Karnataka (India). Daeng wood is heavy; extremely hard; very strong; very durable, being resistant to the weather as well as termites and other insects – untreated sleepers lasted for 12 years in Thailand and for 20-24 years in India.

Fine Texture

The heartwood is dark red, slightly streaked and very fine; it is clearly demarcated from the thick, yellowish-white sapwood. The grain is interlocked or wavy; the texture moderately fine to medium and even; the surface somewhat gummy, causing a speckled appearance.

Classified as an ‘ironwood’ in Vietnam with its name referring to use in traditional cart making.


Botanical Name: Xylia Xylocarpa
Other Common Names: Pyinkado, Cam Xe, Sokram, Jamba, Yerul, Trumalla, Trul, Tiriwa, Ironwood of Burma, Tangudu, Tangedi, Tangani, Suria, Suaba, Shilve, Pyin, Praing, Pkhay, Pegu ironwood, Pangali, Panga, Orjori, Mai-sak, Mai-sa-lan, Kongora, Konda tangedu, Kadamaran, Kada, Irummala, Eruvalu, Bojeh, Boja, Irul


Native to South and Southeast Asia
Tree Size: 100-120 fr (30-37m)
Average Dried Weight  56l lbf/ ft3 (850kg/m3)
Janka Hardness : 1950 lbf)
Durability: 50 years
Price: $$


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