Hardwoods are naturally stronger than softwoods as they originate from slow-growing trees. Their high density make them more durable and resistant to dents and scratches. Most can resist decaying, rotting and bugs making them viable options for outdoor decking. No other outdoor material can match the beauty of a solid wood deck so look no further if you are seeking to impress.


Purchase guide.

When choosing hardwood for outdoor decking it is important to consider durability, bug resistance and tolerance to different weather conditions.


Teak*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++
Makha*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++++
Daeng****Up to 50YesYes$$+++++
Ta-Khian***Up to 20YesYes$$+++++
Tabaek***Up top 10YesNo$+++
Kwila **Up to 40YesYes$$++++
Teng**Up to 7YesYes$++++
Accoya*Up to 50YesYes$$+
Exotic Makha*Up to 50YesYes$+++++

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WPC planks are ideal for exterior applications due to their skid resistance and waterproof characteristics. WPC decking is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.

Long Lasting Protection

The performance and natural look of WPC decking products ensure your projects retain their look and resist many years of sunshine, rain, and other weather conditions.

THE all weather solution.




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