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There is no property that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort and elegance of wooden furniture. It can set the mood of your project and become its decor staple. Hardwood allows you to invite nature inside a room or project. Our team can produce unique sets for your needs, decorative items and built in furniture for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Purchase guide.

The vast range of hardwood species, colors, texture and tones means that you are spoilt for style and look. Here is a list of our hardwoods and characteristics:


Teak*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++
Makha*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++++
Daeng****Up to 50YesYes$$+++++
Ta-Khian***Up to 20YesYes$$+++++
Tabaek***Up top 10YesNo$+++
Kwila **Up to 40YesYes$$++++
Teng**Up to 7YesYes$++++
Accoya*Up to 50YesYes$$+
Exotic Makha*Up to 50YesYes$+++++

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Laminate & Wood Veneer

Because laminate can be designed to look like wood, it is used to produce affordable furniture. By contrast, the more costly wood veneer comprises a thin layer of hardwood, which provides a much more organic look and feel than laminate.

Finesse and stability

Veneered pieces are generally more stable and less likely to warp than solid wood.

Veneer offers an excellent quality price combination.




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WPC furniture is waterproof and durable making it the ideal option for outdoor usage in tropical climates. We manufacture custom made solutions from outdoor benches to shelves and planter boxes.

Solid and strong

Solid WPC wood produces highly resistant furniture. 

All season outdoor furniture.




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