Boat interiors and decks require a certain type of wood that can sustain the harsh marine environment. Hardwoods have proven their worth by standing the test of time and provide unparalleled prestige.

Purchase guide.

Selecting the best marine wood starts by deciding its application.  Exterior surfaces require decay-resistant woods like teak while interiors can accommodate a broader range of options. In general, the harder the wood, the better.

Teak*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++
Makha*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++++
Daeng****Up to 50YesYes$$+++++
Ta-Khian***Up to 20YesYes$$+++++
Tabaek***Up top 10YesNo$+++
Kwila **Up to 40YesYes$$++++
Teng**Up to 7YesYes$++++
Accoya*Up to 50YesYes$$+
Exotic Makha*Up to 50YesYes$+++++

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Laminate & wood veneer

Laminate and wood veneer is increasingly popular for its flexibility in terms of lengths and sizes making it ideal for a wide range of marine applications from flooring to stairs and doors. These materials offer strength and dimensional stability while requirement limited treatment before use.

Affordable and modern

The large choice of colors, and high resistance to scratches characteristics of laminate and wood veneer have made them very attractive and popular for yacht interiors.

Strong & stable.




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WPC teak-effect boat decking, enhances the look of any boat while significantly reducing the maintenance required with teak. Its UV resistant properties protect the decking from changes in color and the durability of WPC makes it a quality long lasting option for the industry.


Shaped to any design

WPC is a 100% waterproof material that can easily be shaped to match custom designs.

Ideal for marine conditions.




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