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Through its unique organic looks hardwood floors project timeless luxury. Its insulation properties create a natural feeling of warmth. We supply a large range of wood species that can be stained to different colors to reflect your desired results.

Purchase guide.

The quality, strength and durability of hardwood is the perfect combination for elevated living and return on investment. Each hardwood has its own properties. Choose the option that best matches your expectations from the list below:

Teak*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++
Makha*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++++
Daeng****Up to 50YesYes$$+++++
Ta-Khian***Up to 20YesYes$$+++++
Tabaek***Up top 10YesNo$+++
Kwila **Up to 40YesYes$$++++
Teng**Up to 7YesYes$++++
Accoya*Up to 50YesYes$$+
Exotic Makha*Up to 50YesYes$+++++

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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has the same look and feel as hardwood making it an attractive solution for high end projects.

Versatile and resistant

Engineered wood is made of a top layer of solid hardwood and a plywood base allowing for changes in temperature and humidity providing stability and a high level of resistance. These properties mean that engineered wood parquet can safely be installed in areas like basements or utility rooms. Engineered wood has a shorter lifespan than hardwood but is nevertheless a very durable and affordable solution for tropical environments.

A perfect fit for tropical climates.



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Laminate & Wood Veneer

In simple terms laminate is the synthetic version of wood. It may not look as natural as hardwood but it is very resistant and affordable costing half the price of hardwood. It is very easy to install and clean but due to its thin layer and texture, it is also harder to repair when damaged.


Low maintenance

Essentially, laminate is composed of a high density compressed fiber board, a melaminated decorative film designed to look like wood and a protective outer layer. Laminate flooring is available in many designs and colors.

The practical option easy to install and clean.




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WPC flooring is becoming an increasingly popular options for interiors. It is not subject to rot or deterioration from bugs as it does not contain wood. It is also waterproof, absorbs sound well and offers more cushion and evenness than a laminated alternative.


100% waterproof

Advances in WPC solutions means that it is now an esthetic and viable solution for interior as well as exterior applications.

Long lasting and hassle free.




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