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Our range of hardwoods can be used for flooring, walls and ceilings where strength, durability, density and a large palette of colors are required.

Purchase guide.

Hardwood walls & ceilings provide unparalleled beauty, warmth and character to homes, resorts or developments. Review the characteristics of our selection of hardwoods below.

Teak*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++
Makha*****Up to 70YesYes$$$+++++
Daeng****Up to 50YesYes$$+++++
Ta-Khian***Up to 20YesYes$$+++++
Tabaek***Up top 10YesNo$+++
Kwila **Up to 40YesYes$$++++
Teng**Up to 7YesYes$++++
Accoya*Up to 50YesYes$$+
Exotic Makha*Up to 50YesYes$+++++

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Laminate & wood veneer

Most commonly used for floors, laminate wood can also provide a warm wood look alike impression on walls and ceilings.

Stylish visual effects

Laminate wall designs works well visually for transitional applications, or to create textural or tonal contrast.

Be creative and contrast your home.



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WPC walls & ceiling panels are perfect for any commercial or domestic, new build or refurbishment projects as a color-stable alternative to real wood planks. Made from a combination of recycled wood and plastic, WPC combines the appearance of wood with the durability of an engineered composite.

Color stable & care free

WPC walls and ceilings can create a warm an attractive impression improving a building’s appearance. Used externally WPC is a stylish and economical way to make new and refurbished buildings stand out without having to think about maintenance like sanding and varnishing saving you time and money.

WPC is the fastest growing alternative to wood.



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